Quality Assessment Frameworka Applied to Improve AYFHS Quality in Zou, Benin

CriteriaKey Elements Addressed by the Assessment Criteria
Provider capacity
  • 1. Training and coaching of service providers on reducing bias (Global Standard 4: Providers’ competencies)

  • 2. Attitudes of providers in counseling youth

Services and availability of commodities
  • 3. Complete range of contraceptive products without stock shortages (Global Standard 3: Appropriate package of services)

  • 4. Offers free FP/AYSRH services (Global Standard 3: Appropriate package of services)

  • 5. Referral and counter-referral mechanism in place (Global Standard 3: Appropriate package of services)

  • 6. Whole-site orientation on AYFHS conducted

Facility: equitable, respectful, nonjudgmental service characteristics, ensuring privacy and confidentiality
  • 7. Tables of client rights in FP/AYSRH and charter of commitment of quality services visible (Global Standard 6: Equity)

  • 8. Counseling room (respect for privacy, visual and auditory discretion) (Global Standard 5: Facility characteristics)

  • 9. Secure record keeping (Global Standard 5: Facility characteristics)

Youth client feedback and engagement
  • 10. Mechanism for collecting feedback from young clients (Global Standard 8: Adolescents’ participation)

  • 11. Taking into account youth client perspectives and full participation of youth in the review and implementation of feedback to improve AYFHS (Global Standard 8: Adolescents’ participation)

Communication and demand generation with outreach to communities
  • 12. Availability of communication support and materials (Global Standard 1: Adolescents’ health literacy)

  • 13. Communication activities on FP/AYSRH within the service delivery points and with outreach to the community (Global Standard 2: Community support)

Data disaggregation by age, sex, and method of choice
  • 14. Collection of SDPs’ attendance data disaggregated by sex and age (Global Standard 7: Data and QI)

  • 15. Collection of contraceptive method use data by adolescents disaggregated by age, sex, and method (Global Standard 7: Data and QI)

  • Abbreviations: AYFHS, adolescent- and youth-friendly health services; AYSRH, adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health; FP, family planning; QI, quality improvement.

  • a Linkage to Eight Global Standards for AYFHS.18