TABLE 3 Previous Use of Contraception Among New IUD Acceptors
No. (%)
Ever used family planning2,943 (100.0)
Yes (Method shift)2,394 (81.3)
No (New acceptors)531 (18.0)
Missing18 (0.6)
Method used at index visit among those who had ever used family planning2,394 (100.0)
Nonea258 (10.8)
Long-acting reversible methods355 (14.8)
 Implanon292 (12.2)
 Jadelle51 (2.1)
 Norplant12 (0.5)
Short-acting methods1,780 (74.3)
 Injectables1,609 (67.2)
 Combined oral contraceptives116 (4.8)
 Condoms7 (0.3)
 Breastfeeding11 (0.5)
 Natural methods (withdrawal, SDM, etc.)37 (1.5)
Missing1 (0.0)
  • Abbreviations: IUD, intrauterine device; SDM, Standard Days Method.

  • a Had used family planning in the past but were not using any method at the time of their index visit.