Surgical Operative Productivity in Public and Private Health Facilities in Ethiopia, December 2020 to June 2021

Level of Health FacilitiesFacilities, No.Average OR Tables per Facility, No.Total Surgeries in 10 Days, No. (%)OR Output (Productivity)a
Average Surgeries per OR Table for 10 Days, No.Average Surgeries per OR Table per Day, No.
Public specialized hospital168.344,104 (45.06)253
Public general hospital382.972,031 (22.23)182
Public primary hospital771.71,309 (14.37)101
Private hospital323.251,664 (18.27)162
Total16339,108 (100)18.62
  • Abbreviation: OR, operating room.

  • ↵a Note that the complexity of the surgical procedure and comorbidities patients had were not factored during analysis of operative performance.