TABLE 1 Honduras Results for Full Asset Index and 8 Simplified Iterations
IterationInclusion Criteria (absolute value of the factor loading)No. of QuestionsNo. of VariablesChanges in DHS Quintile Composition Kappa Statistic (N = 21,362)Changes in Socioeconomic Profile
Max. Absolute Percentage Point Change (in which quintile)Kappa Statistic
UCOS (n = 334)CESAMO (n = 143)
Full asset index (reference)All variables included411111.000NA1.0001.000
1>0.0535860.9933% (CESAMO Q2&3)0.9720.957
2>0.1033740.9862% (CESAMO Q3)0.9660.936
3>0.2025480.9276% (CESAMO Q3)0.8980.780
4>0.3019360.8774% (CESAMO Q2)0.8290.734
5>0.4015240.7998% (CESAMO Q2)0.7780.652
6>0.5013170.72411% (CESAMO Q4)0.6830.471
7>0.60890.6348% (CESAMO Q2)0.4760.422
8>0.70220.20991% (UCOS Q3)-0.0230.019
  • Abbreviations: CESAMO, Centro de Salud con Médico y Odontólogo (Ministry of Health clinics); DHS, Demographic and Health Survey; UCOS, Unidades Comunitarios (community-based health units).