TABLE 3 Baseline Sociodemographic Characteristics, Distance to Health Facility, and Radio Ownership Among Sampled Women
Control ArmaIntervention Armb
Baseline (N = 2,567)Midline (N = 2,586)Baseline (N = 2,476)Midline (N = 2,596)
Sociodemographic characteristics
Age, mean, y28.930.028.429.2
Resident for 5 years or more in the village, %80.388.283.686.4
Ethnicity, %
Religion, %
School attendance, %15.615.710.28.4
Income-generative activity in the past 2 weeks, %34.939.029.331.8
Household socioeconomic status, %c
 1 (poorest)14.218.8
 5 (least poor)28.120.3
Two or more under-5 children, %39.435.546.442.8
Married, %
 Polygamous union, %39.639.740.344.2
Distance to the closest health facility, %
 <2 km39.547.118.316.3
 2–5 km33.228.928.226.1
 >5 km27.424.053.457.6
Radio ownership, %
 No radio20.535.113.221.9
 Radio in the compound16.718.422.326.2
 Radio in the household62.846.464.551.9
  • a At baseline: 36 missing values for age; 13 for number of children; 10 for ethnicity; 9 for socioeconomic status; 5 for residence, religion, school attendance, income-generative activity, and marital status; 8 for radio ownership. At midline: 4 missing values for radio ownership; 3 for age; 2 for religion and marital status; 1 for number of children, school attendance, and income-generative activity.

  • b At baseline: 23 missing values for age; 18 for socioeconomic status; 17 for number of children; 13 for radio ownership; 9 for religion; 7 for ethnicity; 6 for residence, school attendance, income-generative activity, and marital status. At midline: 3 missing values for radio ownership; 1 missing value for religion.

  • c Household socioeconomic status was measured only at baseline.