TABLE 3 Information CHEWs Provided to Clients on Their Chosen Contraceptive Method, Bauchi and Sokoto States of Nigeria, 2013–2014
Information Provided by CHEWsBaseline, % (N)Endline, % (N)
Explained how to use the method effectively97 (160)99 (145)
Described possible side effects79 (159)*95 (145)*
Told what to do if clients have any problems83 (157)*97 (146)*
Explained that only condoms provide protection against STIs54 (159)*71 (143)*
Told how many years of protection against pregnancy the method provides82 (158)*97 (144)*
Told when to return for a follow-up visit96 (158)92 (144)
  • Abbreviation: CHEW, community health extension worker; STIs, sexually transmitted infections.

  • *P<.05.

  • Source: Client exit survey.