Ligne Verte Hotline Caller Topics From 2017 to 2020, Benin

Topic (Description)2017, %
2018, %
2019, %
2020, %
Family planning (information about methods and products for family planning that are available in Benin)35.533.429.847.2
Other reproductive health information (including information about places where further support or information may be found relating to family planning, cervical cancer prevention or treatment, etc.)20.330.029.716.3
HIV (information about prevention and treatment of HIV)
Malaria (information about prevention and treatment of malaria)
Diarrheal diseases (information about causes, prevention, and treatment of diarrheal disease)2.61.3
Youth magazines and clubs (callers with questions about themes that were included in the Amour et Vie magazines for youth, information about how to create an Amour et Vie club in schools)4.27.9
Water and sanitation (information about installing ABMS-provided toilettes propres for improved sanitation)2.06.917.712.0
Information on Ligne Verte (callers with questions about why the helpline is not open 24/7; calls to thank Ligne Verte staff)1.90.5
Violence (callers reporting experience of gender-based violence for onward referrals)
Ebola/Lassa fever (calling to have more information on prevention and treatment of these viral hemorrhagic fevers)0.72.2
National health insurance (for questions about the new health insurance program)
COVID-19 (information about prevention, testing, and management)6.1
Other diseases (including information on a range of health conditions including: hepatitis, hemorrhoids, cholera)1.03.8
Other (non-health-related topics, including information about recruitment to ABMS, participation in competitions)7.33.616.06.0
  • Abbreviation: ABMS, Association Béninoise pour le Marketing Social et la Communication pour la Santé.