Marketing Elements for a 6-Month Injectable

Positioning statementOpportunity to create ideal child spacing at a reduced cost and with fewer visits to a facility.A contraceptive that offers busy women the certainty they need to plan long term and the time to do what matters most.
Brand pillars
  • Low cost of being a twice/year method.

  • Long-acting pregnancy protection without having to use a long-acting reversible contraception, which are perceived by some to have adverse side effects including a long return to fertility.

  • No detectable presence in the body so can be used discreetly.

  • Liberating: only 2 facility visits per year and can be used discreetly.

  • Certainty: long duration allows users to make long-term plans.

  • Reliability: guaranteed duration of effectiveness for 6 months.

Brand promiseWill foster the healthy growth of one's family by providing a pregnancy prevention method for an adequate duration between pregnancies. This promise helps fulfill the parental desire of dedicated time to nurturing their children—more than providing basics but also building deep relationships with them.Contraception for the woman who wants the certainty to pursue more in life.
Brand personality
  • This method needs to have a frugal, trustworthy, responsible, and family-oriented personality.

  • The tone of the communication of the new 6-month method should therefore convey joy with a stress-free approach to family life, providing comfort and security to a home.

  • The communication style should portray different stages of family life; from the couple deciding together, to the birth of the first child, and the steady growth of the family.

  • Stress free and pocket-friendly.

  • Providing a sense of priority and wise living.

  • Dedication and strong commitment to a healthy family.

  • We are stronger together.

  • Open communication that is easy to understand.

The following emotions should be associated with users of the method:
  • Peace of mind because of the long duration of effectiveness.

  • Achieving the “good life” by supporting child spacing and reducing strain on resources.

  • Safety because it is administered at a health facility.

  • Allowing for regular intimacy due to longer duration.

The tone should be:
  • Friendly: relatable, with a touch of humor.

  • Uplifting: inspiring, affirmative, and supportive of women.

  • Assertive: reinforcing certainty and conviction of the woman's decision-making.

  • Confident: open and proactively informative about the product.