Attributes Included in the Kano Questionnaire and Their Descriptions

Intervention characteristics
A1VideoPreference to receive vaccine information as a video
A2CartoonPreference to receive vaccine information in animated form
A3Short durationPreference for a short communication product (less than 5 minutes)
A4TextPreference for a video-based intervention to include written text, such as subtitles
A5Resource informationPreference to receive a pamphlet after the intervention which highlights further resources and lists contact addresses
A6Key message summariesPreference to receive a pamphlet which summarizes the key messages of the communication product
Intervention distribution
B1ShareabilityPreference to be able to share the communication product via Facebook or other social media
B2Trusted messengerPreference for the communication product to be distributed by a known and trusted person
B3Health center locationPreference for the communication product to be screened/distributed at the health center
B4PrivacyPreference to be alone when watching the communication product
B5National logoPreference for the communication product to include the logos of national organizations and authorities
B6International logoPreference for the communication product to include the logos of international organizations and authorities
Intervention content
C1Fact-basedPreference for the product to focus on presenting scientific facts
C2Story-basedPreference for the product to include narratives and stories of individuals