Perceived Benefits and Challenges of Potentially Adding 4-Month and/or 6-Month DMPA-SC Into the Method Mix

Callahan et al.10
Burke et al.9
Users/Potential Users
Perceived benefits would be to:
  • Give women more choices to better meet their needs

  • Increase client satisfaction

  • Reduce the frequency of clinic visits

  • Reduce travel time and costs to users

  • Expand the pool of users

  • Reduce supply chain costs to governments, including through potentially simplified product procurement logistics and storage

  • Reduce the burden on providers

  • Increase privacy due to fewer facility visits

  • Make reinjection window and appointments easier to remember

  • Potentially reduce the time to return to fertility

  • Potentially reduce side effects

  • Increase shared decision-making and couple communication

Perceived challenges would be to:
  • Possibly pay a higher cost

  • Navigate a narrower reinjection window and/or longer time between doses (e.g., client trouble returning on time; less flexibility to manage schedules)

  • Reduce provider/client interaction opportunities

  • Understand and navigate whether/how the different duration-of-effectiveness windows impact side effects

  • Create potential confusion among clients (e.g., differentiating between methods)

  • Maintain sufficient stock

  • Navigate client counseling on the new method

  • Add extra reporting burden

  • Potentially delay (even further) return to fertility

  • Potentially increase duration/severity of side effects