The 6 Types of Attribute Classifications in the Kano Model

Quality AttributeDefinition
Must-be (M)Basic requirements of a product: Absence of must-be attributes leads to increased dissatisfaction, but their presence is not associated with increased satisfaction.
Attractive (A)Cherries on top: Absence of attractive attributes does not cause dissatisfaction, but their presence increases satisfaction considerably.
One-dimensional (O)The more the better: Satisfaction increases linearly with the degree to which a one-dimensional attribute is present.
Reverse (R)Presence of reverse attributes causes dissatisfaction, but their absence is appreciated.
Indifferent (I)Whether present or absent, indifferent attributes don't lead to an increase in satisfaction or dissatisfaction.
Questionable (Q)Response patterns to the Kano questionnaire are contradictory (e.g., when a respondent indicates that an attribute must be present and must not be present at the same time).