TABLE 2 Growth Curve Analyses of International Index of Erectile Functioning Subscales Among Zambian Men Undergoing Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision
DomainQuadratic Timea
b (SE)
PLinear Time
b (SE)
PBaseline Mean Estimateb6-Month Mean Estimate12-Month Mean Estimate
Erectile functioning-.007 (.004).08.068 (.039).08
Orgasm functioning-.007 (.002).006.156 (.044)<.0014.124.814.99
Intercourse satisfaction.004 (.002).09.003 (.017).84
Overall satisfaction-.002 (.003).42.037 (.013).0077.097.317.53
Sexual desire-.004 (.002).02.093 (.028).0016.256.676.79
  • Abbreviation: SE, standard error.

  • a All models initially included both quadratic and linear growth curve components (i.e., fixed and random effects for time2 and time); if the quadratic component was not significant, the model was refit using only a linear slope.

  • b Means were estimated using the fitted model for domains that significantly changed over time.

  • Note: Statistically significant parameters are noted in boldface.