Eligibility Criteria by Study Population for Market Research on 4- and 6-Month Injectable Contraceptive Methods, Kampala, Uganda, and Lagos, Nigeria

Study PopulationEligibility Criteriaa
Phase 1: Focus group discussions
    Injectable users 18–24 years
  • Current users of DMPA injectables

    Injectable users 25+ years
    Potential injectable users 18–24 years
  • Current users of modern methods other than injectables or sterilization

  • Previous injectable users willing to use again

  • Non- or never-users willing to consider DMPA injectables

    Potential injectable users 25+ years
    Men 18–24 years
  • Men who have not undergone a vasectomy and were in a sexual relationship with a woman

    Men 25+ years
Phase 2: Cocreation workshop
    Recruited from focus group discussions
  • Injectable users

  • Potential injectable users

    Newly recruited from health facilities
  • Abbreviations: DMPA, depot medroxyprogesterone acetate.

  • a In addition to the criteria in the table, all participants needed to be at least aged 18 years, provide informed consent, and agree to be audio-recorded.