Kenya Prototype Replication Influences From A360's Other Interventions

Kenya PrototypeReplication InfluencesUnique Kenya Components
Mentor + Her/Mastory za Kikwetu
  • 9ja Girl's (southern Nigeria) approach to influencer engagement, particularly the messages used in mothers' sessions

  • Kuwa Mjanja's (Tanzania) parents' sessions designed to build empathy for adolescent girls

Storytelling to build empathy and spark discussion around girls' agency and the place of contraception. Stories were taken from adolescent girl testimonials and recorded on video or audio.
  • Kuwa Mjanja's existing in-clinic service model

  • Service delivery model in both 9ja Girls and MMA (northern Nigeria)

  • 9ja Girls' “life mapping” activity

Dedicated adolescent-girl service days at government-run health facilities to support the goal of sustainability and institutionalization into government systems.
Community Fair
  • Kuwa Mjanja's out-of-clinic models, particularly the opportunity for adolescent girls to see skills demonstrations and understand the opportunities available to them in their communities.

  • Curriculum from 9ja Girls' skills classes (goal-setting, budgeting and saving, health and nutrition, decision-making and communication, and income-generating skills sessions.)

Instead of being an event dedicated only to girls, this was a moment to pique girls' and community members' interest about the intervention and for girls to showcase their skills to others and mobilize additional girls into the intervention.