TABLE 4 Selected Responses About Current Use of Ambulances in Ghana According to Appropriateness of the Use
Appropriate Use of AmbulanceInappropriate Use of Ambulance
“Because it is an emergency the ambulance is necessary since it will get to hospital faster than taxi.”“I think the ambulance is to be for the dead … the sick and the injured should have their own special car.”
“Ambulances should be used to help those in need of health care, because we do not have enough hospitals and the ambulances can provide first aid.”“For the corpse you can only use the ambulance, the police will arrest you if you take a dead body in another vehicle.”
“That is the job of the ambulance to save life because they have first aid in the ambulance to help you before getting to hospital.”“For the pregnant women in labor it is better to go by taxi to get to the hospital quickly”
“Ambulances should be used to pick up the sick in the communities, but the government does not have enough so we use taxis.”“It is not nice to put a corpse in a regular car.”
“The ambulance is supposed to be there for emergencies at home, schools, and everywhere.”“That is what I have seen the ambulances do. I fear the dead so I could not be in the same car that has carried the dead so corpses should be carried in an ambulance.”
“Because there are not enough ambulances we only use the ambulance for emergencies, but if there were enough then we should use ambulances for critical illness.”“The ambulance should be able to convey even those with mild sickness …”