TABLE 1 Target Behaviors and Broadcasting Intensity Up to the Month Preceding the Midline Survey (October 2013)
Target BehaviorsNo. of Weeks for Short SpotsNo. of Long-Format Modules
Maternal health
4 or more ANC visits332
Saving money during pregnancy332
Health facility delivery525
Newborn health
Breastfeeding initiation within 1 hour after birth625
First bath delayed for 24 hours or more after birth in low birth weight infants17
Child nutrition
Exclusive breastfeeding in 0- to 5-month-old children551
Complementary feeding in 6- to 11-month-old children429
Growth monitoring in 0- to 23-month-old children420
Health care seeking for childhood illnesses
Health care seeking for fever1041
Health care seeking for pneumonia743
Health care seeking for diarrhea1279
Diarrhea home treatment
ORS or increase in fluids for diarrhea1279
Bed net use
Bed net use among under-5 children and pregnant women685
Household latrine ownership268
Safe disposal of children's stool368
Hand washing with soap855
  • Abbreviations: ANC, antenatal care; ORS, oral rehydration solution.