TABLE 5 Initial and Latest Levels of Contraceptive Use, by Region, for the Poorest Quintile
RegionInitial CPR LevelCPR RiseLatest CPR LevelRatio, Latest/InitialInitial mCPR LevelmCPR RiseLatest mCPR LevelRatio, Latest/Initiala
sub-Saharan Africa
North Africa/West Asia
Central Asia
South & Southeast Asia
Latin America & Caribbean
  • Abbreviations: CPR, contraceptive prevalence rate; mCPR, modern contraceptive prevalence rate.

  • a These ratios average the 46 individual country ratios. They do not reconcile with the average starting and ending levels in the same row since those smooth out the overall numerators and denominators of the ratios. It is preferable to use the 46 individual country ratios.