TABLE 5 Attributes and Performance of Facilities Providing Family Planning Services by Source of External Support, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, 2013
Source of External Support
Total (N = 395)FP Implementing Organization (n = 187)PEPFAR (n = 121)None (n = 87)P Value
No. of years in operation, mean4.
No. of days per week of FP service delivery, mean4.
Type of facilities, %
 Health center3021489065
Achievement of elements in 3-star readiness index, %
 3+ methods72.978.692.633.3<.001
 Staff trained in FP88.993.694.271.3<.001
 Basic information system82.390.487.657.5<.001
 All 3 elements63.371.777.725.3<.001
CYP, Jan–Mar 2013, mean39.761.323.715.8<.001
Zero CYP (no methods distributed), %33.420.943.047.1<.001
  • Abbreviations: CYP, couple-years of protection; FP, family planning; PEPFAR, US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief.