TABLE 2 Client Satisfaction With Services Provided by CHEWs, Bauchi and Sokoto States of Nigeria, 2013–2014
AssessmentBaseline, % (N)Endline, % (N)
Satisfied with the services provided today99 (156)100 (146)
Felt that needs for family planning were met90 (159)*99 (144)*
Thought that the right amount of information was provided on family planning method of choice65 (153)*88 (144)*
Thought other clients could hear what clients said27 (148)20 (142)
Believed the information shared with the provider would be kept confidential86 (152)93 (145)
Had any questions46 (163)56 (150)
 The CHEW let clients ask the questions90 (68)98 (82)
 The CHEW responded to questions to clients’ satisfaction96 (53)97 (78)
Stated that CHEW treated them well99 (163)99 (145)
Stated that CHEW was friendly during the appointment97 (163)99 (146)
Stated that CHEW was attentive and responsive to clients’ needs99 (163)100 (145)
Satisfied with CHEWs’ activities98 (163)100 (144)
Would recommend a friend to receive family planning services at this health facility94 (156)*99 (146)*
  • Abbreviation: CHEW, community health extension worker.

  • *P<.05.

  • Source: Client exit surveys.