Overview of Components and Sessions in the Ask-Boost-Connect-Discuss Program to Support Young Mothers Living With HIV

Program DomainActivityDescription
AskPre-enrollment check-inPeer supporters used mood charts or verbal prompts to check with participants before they attended group sessions
Session 0Welcome session for new participants
Physical and emotional health; consent; confidentiality; expectations of participation
BoostKey componentsStructured curriculum with specific content per session; goal-setting worksheets and mood charts linked to each session for participants to take home and use as works for them
Session 1Health-seeking behavior
Theme: “There are some things I have control over.”
Session 2Anxiety and uncertainty in pregnancy and motherhood
Theme: “Nobody has all the answers.”
Session 3Support networking
Theme: “Support can come from different places.”
Session 4Self-care during pregnancy and motherhood
Theme: “Motherhood is a big change, but I also need to focus on my own well-being.”
Session 5Addressing concerns around child growth and development
Theme: “Each child grows differently.”
Session 6Combating stigma and external judgment
Theme: “What others think doesn't matter, if I have love for myself and my child.”
Session 7Making time to adopt healthy practices
Theme: “Focusing on healthy behaviors takes little effort and is very valuable.”
Session 8Future orientation and goal-setting
Theme: “Even though I have HIV, I can still embrace a bright future for myself, and my baby.”
ConnectReferral mechanisms for at-risk participantsSet up on a case-by-case basis with clinic-based mentors
Additional resources for peer supportersIn-app training manual and 1–2 page tip sheets on issues including PMTCT of HIV, mental health psychoeducation, HIV testing, and communication skills
DiscussSupervision componentRoutine supervision meetings by PATA technical advisors; WhatsApp groups formed to facilitate easy communication among peer supporters in each focal country
  • Abbreviations: PATA, Paediatric-Adolescent Treatment Africa; PMTCT, prevention of mother-to-child transmission.