Overview of Themes in the Feasibility Assessment of the Ask-Boost-Connect-Discuss Program to Support Young Mothers Living With HIV

ThemeBowen's Framing of This Domain25Guiding Question in the Context of This ArticleCore ThemeSubtheme: Additional Adaptations
Exploring acceptabilityTo what extent is a new idea, program, process, or measure judged as suitable, satisfying, or attractive to program deliverers? To program recipients?Is it acceptable to deliver psychosocial content to young mothers and for peers to be the implementers?Acceptability centered around peer engagement and positive participant feedbackResponding to participant preferences and needs on structure and format
Exploring practicalityTo what extent can an idea, program, process, or measure be carried out with intended participants using existing means, resources, and circumstances and without outside intervention?Is it practical to task-shift to trained peers to deliver a semistructured program to a high standard?Training, technical competence, and skills developmentResponding to emergent needs identified in sessions
Exploring integrationTo what extent can a new idea, program, process, or measure be integrated within an existing system?Can a peer-delivered psychosocial program be effectively embedded within the health system and respond to extant needs innovatively?Purposeful planning to smooth implementation
Challenges to implementation
Adapting to “dis”-integration: pivoting to meet clients' needs in restricted circumstances