Globally Aggregated Testing Yield, Linkage to Treatment, Viral Load Coverage, and Viral Load Suppression for International and Local Partners in FY2019 and FY2020a

International PartnersLocal Partners
Testing yield
(no. of HIV-positive test results/ total no. of HIV tests)
3.8% (583,166/1,5217,356)4.5% (459,375/1,0284,268)4.5% (627,857/1,3860,152)4.5% (520,299/11,645,984)
Linkage to treatment (no. of clients with HIV-positive test results initiating treatment/ total no. of HIV+ tests)79.2% (462,159/5,831,660)85.8% (394,243/459,375)91.0% (571,543/627,857)95.2% (495,410/520,299)
Viral load coverage (no. of ART patients with a VL result within the last year/no. of patients on treatment 6 months prior)78.3% (1,559,602/1,991,610)77.5% (1,642,612/2,118,905)80.1% (2,470,359/3,084,502)71.2% (2,657,202/3,732,035)
Viral load suppression (no. patients on ART who received a viral load test and are virally suppressed/ no. of patients currently on ART who received a viral load test)88.6% (1,382,535/1,559,602)91.6% (1,505,228/1,642,612)91.7% (2,264,823/2,470,359)92.8% (2,466,371/2,657,202)
  • Abbreviation: ART, antiretroviral therapy; FY, fiscal year; VL, viral load.

  • aThese statistics only include partners reporting those currently on treatment (i.e., those partners providing treatment services). The table includes both the calculated indicators (%) and the underlying raw numbers for each calculation. Regional partners are counted as local in both FY2019 and FY2020. To be determined awards are excluded from calculated indicator calculations.