Reported Lifetime Experiences of Provider Encouragement and Discouragement to Use or Not Use Contraception From Reproductive-Aged Women in Nouna and Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Among all reproductive-aged womenn=1,275n=2,654n=3,929
 Provider discouraged against using contraceptive method because said you did not have “enough” children1%1%1%
Among all reproductive-aged women with childrenn=861n=2,054n=2,915
 Provider encouraged to use contraceptive method because said you had “too many” children9%19%16%
Among reproductive-aged mothers who attended a 45th day postpartum checkupn=545n=1,118n=1,663
At the 45th day visit
 Was told to just choose a method34%45%41%
 Was asked if you wanted to use contraception first61%31%41%
 Asked for contraception before the provider mentioned it4%15%12%