TABLE 2. Association Between Time to Oxytocin Administration After Delivery and Bedside Availability of Oxytocin: Results From Unadjusted and Adjusteda Regression Models Among Vaginal Deliveries Receiving Postpartum Oxytocin, Karnataka, India (N = 330)
RR (95% CI)Adjusted RR (95% CI)
Oxytocin administered within 1 minute4.99 (2.53, 9.84)4.89 (2.61, 9.16)
Oxytocin administered within 2 minutes2.70 (1.38, 5.29)2.61 (1.26, 5.41)
Minutes (95% CI)Adjusted minutes (95% CI)
Time to oxytocin administration, minutes–3.3 (–5.2, –1.4)–2.9 (–5.0, –0.9)
  • Abbreviations: CI, confidence interval; RR, risk ratio.

  • Data for oxytocin administered within 1 minute and 2 minutes report risk ratios from generalized linear models with a binomial distribution and a log link function; data for time to oxytocin administration report change in number of minutes, from linear regression models.

  • All results use standard errors clustered by provider.

  • a Adjusted for time of delivery (daytime/nighttime), mother’s age, parity, long labor (i.e., greater than 12 hours prior to admission for nulliparous women and greater than 24 hours for all other women).