Fiscal Space Metrics

Fiscal SpaceMeasurement
Macroeconomic conditions
  • Projected economic growth

  • Tax collection capabilities

  • Level of inflation (consumer price index)

  • Unemployment rate

  • Balance of payments

  • Debt: gross domestic product ratio

  • Government taxes on externalities influencing population health

Reprioritization of government budget
  • Health budget as proportion of total government budget

  • Annualized rate of change in health budget

Reprioritization of health sector–specific resources to cost-effective interventions
  • Health disparities by region and income level

  • Population coverage with primary health care services

Efficiency in the application of existing health resources
  • Control of corruption index

  • Health outcomes for health spending per capita

  • Surgical volume of 1,000 per 100,000 population

External funding sources
  • Development assistance for health: total health expenditure ratio

  • Development assistance for health: government health expenditure ratio

Innovative financing
  • Innovative financing: total health expenditure ratio

  • Innovative financing: government health expenditure ratio