Log Binomial Regression Analysis of Determinants of KMC Uptake in Karnataka, India

DeterminantsaReferent GroupbAdjusted RR (95% CI)P Value
KMC initiation (≤3 vs. >3 days)
 Place of hospitalization(Public vs. privateb)2.68 (1.31, 5.51).007
 HCWs’ attitude(Median 77 vs. 71b)1.01 (1.00, 1.01).042
 KMC initiation support at health facility(Mean 8.5 vs. 7.0b)1.03 (1.02, 1.04).045
KMC duration on day before discharge from health facility (≥8 vs. <8 hrs)
 HCWs’ skills(Mean 55.8 vs. 53.7b)1.05 (1.01, 1.07).017
 KMC maintenance support at facility(Mean 8.6 vs. 7.4b)1.03 (1.003, 1.06).023
KMC duration on 7th day after discharge from health facility (≥8 vs. 8 hrs)
 Place of hospitalization(Public vs. privateb)1.31 (1.02, 1.68).035
 HCWs’ knowledge(Mean 70.7 vs. 69.9b)1.02 (1.01, 1.04).039
  • Abbreviations: CI, confidence interval; HCW, health care worker; KMC, kangaroo mother care; RR, relative risk.

  • aDue to the small sample size, all variables selected could not be pushed to the log-binomial regression analysis model simultaneously. Instead, variables were inserted into the model stepwise. Hence, only those variables that are significantly associated are reported.

  • bReferent group.