Working Definitions of Obstetric Conditions Included in the Ethiopian Obstetric Surveillance System Pilot Study, April 21–September 21, 2021

Obstetric hemorrhageExcessive bleeding (usually related to pregnancy) in a parturient (includes both antepartum and postpartum hemorrhage)
 Antepartum hemorrhageBleeding from or into the genital tract, occurring from 28+0 weeks of pregnancy and before the birth of the baby
 Postpartum hemorrhageExcessive bleeding (more than 500 mL for vaginal delivery and 1,000 mL for cesarean delivery) following the birth of a baby
EclampsiaDiastolic blood pressure ≥90 mm Hg or proteinuria +3 and convulsion or coma15
Uterine ruptureComplete rupture of uterus during labor and/or confirmed later by laparotomy15
SepsisClinical sign of infection and 3 of the following: temperature >38°C or respiration rate 20/min, pulse rate >90/min, white blood count >12,00015
Severe anemiaHemoglobin <7mg/dl15