TABLE 1 Results of Observation of CHEWs’ Counseling Skills, Bauchi and Sokoto States of Nigeria, 2013–2014 (%)
Checklist ItemBaseline (N = 164)Endline (N = 144)
Welcomed the client in a friendly manner99100
Provided information on different types of contraceptives (to new clients)70*96*
Asked open-ended questions76*88*
Encouraged client to ask questions67*90*
Treated client with respect95*100*
Saw client in private77*94*
Discussed a return visit78*89*
Asked client her concerns with any method62* 83*
Used visual aids31*72*
Used client record59*82*
Assured client of confidentiality52*91*
  • Abbreviation: CHEW, community health extension worker.

  • *P<.05.

  • Source: Observation checklist for counseling and clinical procedures.