Table 4. Shifts in Contraceptive Method Mix by Country and Region for 15 Countries
Region/CountryTrends in the Method Mix
sub-Saharan Africa
BeninThe injectable and pill have risen, while sterilization, the IUD, the condom, and especially traditional methods have fallen.
MaliThe injectable has risen substantially with declines in the pill and traditional methods.
RwandaSince the disruptions of the mid-1990s, the injectable has risen to over half of all use, while traditional methods have declined correspondingly. The implant gained in the latest survey.
UgandaThe injectable has risen at the expense of traditional methods, with a recent increase by the implant.
North Africa & West Asia
EgyptThe IUD rose quite remarkably to a high level, with a corresponding decline for the pill. Recently, the injectable has shown some increase.
IranSterilization has risen steadily; in the last survey, it lost ground to a resurgence in the pill, while traditional methods lost ground.
TurkeyThe extensive use of traditional methods gave way to a rise in the IUD and condom, as well as female sterilization.
MongoliaThe pill, injectable, and condom have risen while the IUD and traditional methods have fallen.
Viet NamThe historic dominance of the IUD has weakened as shares of the pill and condom have gained.
Latin America
ColombiaSterilization rose very sharply over the years, along with a small rise for condoms. Shares for the pill, IUD, and traditional methods declined.
GuyanaThe pill and traditional methods have lost ground, while the other methods show irregular trends that balance out to reduce skew.
HaitiThe picture changed sharply from 1994/95 onward. Sterilization declined while the injectable rose, with irregularities for other methods.
HondurasThe injectable share increased sharply with declines in the pill and in traditional methods.
ParaguayShares of the injectable and condom are up while shares of the IUD and traditional methods have fallen.
PeruThe IUD is down, as is sterilization slightly, while the injectable and especially the condom have risen.