TABLE 3 Association Between Referent Public‐Sector Prevalence Rates and Average Monthly or Quarterly Logistics Distribution Data, by Contraceptive Type and Model Type
Model and Contraceptive TypeNβ0β1β2R2‐adj
Bivariate Model
 Injectable contraceptives30−4.110.72***NA0.90
 Oral contraceptivesa27−4.460.45***NA0.48
 Male condoms28−6.490.44***NA0.28
Multivariate Model
 Injectable contraceptives28−4.210.62***5.70.91
 Oral contraceptivesa25−4.970.23*34.93***0.72
 Male condoms26−6.660.19171.93***0.48
  • a The analysis was restricted to countries with <20 average monthly distribution per 100 women of reproductive age.

  • * P<.05, ** P<.01, *** P<.001.