Characteristics of Participants in Interviews on Perceived Challenges to HWWS Interventions Targeting Older Children

Position (N=25)GenderCurrent Professional Location 
Global level
 Global WASH AdvisorFBelgium
 Senior Behavior Change AdvisorFCanada
 Global WASH AdvisorFIndia
 Health Promotion and Community Engagement AdvisorFNetherlands
 Global Public Health Promotion AdvisorFUnited Kingdom
 Senior WASH AdvisorMUnited Kingdom
 WASH ConsultantFUnited Kingdom
 WASH Technical AdvisorFUnited Kingdom
 Senior WASH AdvisorMUnited States
National level
 Hygiene PromoterFLebanon
 WASH Technical Working Group HeadMMyanmar
 Health Promotion and Community Engagement SpecialistMPakistan
 National WASH AdvisorMPhilippines
 Public Health Team LeaderMTanzania
Regional level
 WASH Regional AdvisorMLebanon
Local level
 Senior Innovation Officer (Public Health Promotion)FBangladesh
 Public Health Promotion OfficerMBangladesh
 Organization Founder and DirectorMCameroon
 Senior Behavior Change AdvisorFMadagascar
 WASH Program OfficerFMadagascar
 Hygiene PromoterFNigeria
 Hygiene Promoter ManagerMNigeria
 Hygiene Promoter SupervisorMPakistan
 Program Officer for School and NutritionFPhilippines
 WASH Project ManagerMUganda
  • Abbreviations: HWWS, handwashing with soap; WASH, water, sanitation, and hygiene.