Table 3. Job Satisfaction Survey Findings, Malawi GAIA Nursing Scholarship Program Graduates
Statement About Current Job% Disagreed or Strongly Disagreed% Agreed
The management of this organization is supportive of me.11%89%
I receive the right amount of support and guidance from my direct supervisor.20%80%
I am provided with all trainings necessary for me to perform my job.41%59%
I have learned many new job skills in this position.39%61%
I feel encouraged by my supervisor to offer suggestions and improvements.14%86%
The management makes changes based on my suggestions and feedback.41%59%
I am appropriately recognized when I perform well at my regular work duties.30%70%
The organization rules make it easy for me to do a good job.21%79%
I am satisfied with my chances for promotion.64%36%
I have adequate opportunities to develop my professional skills.39%61%
I have an accurate written job description.21%79%
The amount of work I am expected to finish each week is reasonable.48%52%
My work assignments are always clearly explained to me.23%77%
My work is evaluated based on a fair system of performance standards.46%54%
My department provides all the equipment, supplies, and resources necessary for me to perform my duties.75%25%
My coworkers and I work well together.7%93%
I feel I can easily communicate with members from all levels of this organization.11%89%
  • Abbreviation: GAIA, Global AIDS Interfaith Alliance.