Table 3. Source of Price Data in the DRC Resource Planning Exercise by Resource Type
Resource TypeSource of Price Data
Human• Mbudi agreement + NGO salary top-up (Demba and Kabare)
Pharmaceuticals• Price list from 3 medicine distribution centersa + IDA list price
Medical equipment• MOH and donors (per unit purchase price)
Health facility infrastructure• Building: Ministry of Infrastructure, Public Works, and Reconstruction (per m2)
• Cleaning: 2.5% of building per year
• Utility management: 1.5% of building per month
• Maintenance: 2.5% of building per year
Consumable/disposable items• MOH and district hospitals (per unit purchase price)
  • Abbreviations: DRC, Democratic Republic of the Congo; IDA, International Development Assistance; MOH, Ministry of Health; NGO, nongovernmental organization.

  • a Association Régionale D'Approvisionnement en Médicaments Essentiels (ASRAMES), Centrale de Distribution de Médicaments Essentiels du Kasaï Occidental (CADIMEK), and La Centrale d'Achat et de Distribution de Médicaments Essentiels de Kinshasa (CAMESKIN).