Table 5. Value Ratings of the GAIA Nursing Scholarship Program (1–5 Scale)
Program AspectsnMeanSDMedian
Before Graduation
 Payment of fees524.90.55.0
 Monthly stipend484.21.25.0
 Clinical supplies474.01.25.0
 Uniforms and shoes464.01.34.0
 Talks by role models463.71.44.0
 Check-ins with GAIA staff493.71.54.0
 Availability of GAIA staff for assistance513.61.54.0
After Graduation
 Talks by role models443.41.53.5
 Check-ins with GAIA staff524.01.24.5
 Site visits with staff/donors463.71.54.0
 Availability of GAIA staff for assistance503.51.44.0
  • Abbreviation: GAIA, Global AIDS Interfaith Alliance; SD, standard deviation.