Table 8. Summary of Surgical Deficiencies at Selected DRC Hospitals Compared With Benchmark of DRC Model Normative Hospital
Catchment area, thousands100802002521001551652801,0001001,00070100
Maximum distance to next facility, kmNA652,0009030065250158106565
EESC capacity (of total 32 interventions)32173117302430233231321514
Surgical intervention deficienciesa0%47%3%47%6%25%6%28%0%3%0%53%56%
Cost per inhabitant per year, US$2.17NANA0.08NA0.69NANANANANANANA
  • Abbreviations: DRC, Democratic Republic of the Congo; EESC, emergency essential and surgical care; NA, not applicable.

  • a Calculated as 100 – (EESC capacity/32).