Table 4. Factors Enhancing Implementation of the Integrated EPI-Family Planning Model: Results of In-Depth Interviews and Focus Group Discussionsa
Infrastructure• Proximity of family planning and immunization services to each other and clarity of pathways between service sites
• Privacy for clients (at immunization stations in particular)
Management, staffing, and coordination• Availability of vaccinators and family planning providers on the same day
• Frequent communication between vaccinators and family planning providers
Training and supportive supervision• Regular supportive supervision
• On-the-job training for new staff
Supplies• Reliable commodity supply (vaccines and contraceptives)
Behavior change communication• Job aids or reminder materials to reinforce key steps of the referral process
• Good-quality counseling
  • Abbreviation: EPI, Expanded Programme on Immunization.

  • a With clients, service providers, supervisors, and partner organizations.