Indonesia EMAS Program and Cameroon Perinatal Network of Yaoundé Assessment Rated By Elements of the Network of Care for Maternal and Newborn Health Definition

Network of Care ElementsIndonesiaCameroon
Clearly PresentPossibly PresentClearly PresentPossibly Present
Optimizes linkages and the deliberate coordination and governance of service delivery to provide comprehensive MNH care from community to referral levelsXX
Addresses relational and functional aspects of provision of high-quality, continuous careXX
Includes formal and informal connections, collaboration, and reporting between and across levels, including primary and specialty careXX
Fosters respectful teamwork and communication between all health care providers at different levelsXX
Engages with transport, communication (mobile phone or radio), and other sectors that support careXX
Incorporates mechanisms for joint accountability by health workers with individuals and communities and for responding to evolving care needsXX
Promotes equitable access to care including reducing financial barriersXX
Measures and monitors health processes and outcomes for women and newbornsXX
  • Abbreviations: EMAS, Expanding Maternal and Neonatal Survival; MNH, maternal and newborn health.