Mphatlalatsane Responsive Measures to Meet COVID-19 Challenges in South Africa

COVID-19 ChallengesResponsive Measures
MNH staff: distressed and overworked; redeployedShifted focus from QI work to management / HCWs’ immediate needs and offered pandemic response guidance
Offered psychological support to HCWs
Streamlined procurement of personal protective equipment
Made new service delivery algorithms and frameworks available through an existing NDOH digital knowledge hub that addressed COVID-19 challenges
Delivery and uptake of routine MNH services disruptedRisk matrix 1: offered practical recommendations to higher-level management to mitigate service disruption, e.g., used COVID-19 contact tracing to inform communities that MNH services are available
Risk matrix 2: supported facility managers to develop risk mitigation measures within the facility, e.g., reconfigured workspaces to minimize contamination
Essential MNH equipment shortagesFacilitated the procurement and distribution of donated equipment through acceptable mechanisms and coordinated staff training to use it
  • Abbreviations: COVID-19, coronavirus disease; HCW, health care workers; MNH, maternal and neonatal health; NDOH, South Africa National Department of Health; QI, quality improvement.