Time Frames for Proposed Integrated Immunization and Nutrition Services in Ethiopia

Vaccine(s) ProvidedTarget Time/Age for InterventionNutrition-Related Services/Guidance to Provide(IFA and IYCF)
Tetanus toxoidPregnancyPregnancyIFA supplementation, counseling on nutrition for pregnant and lactating women, recommendation regarding initiating breastfeeding immediately after birth
BCG, OPV0At birth0–6 monthsBreastfeeding in first hour of life, colostrum feeding, exclusive breastfeeding counseling
First dose: Penta, OPV, PCV, Rota6 weeksExclusive breastfeeding counseling
Second dose: Penta, OPV, PCV, Rota10 weeks
Third dose: Penta, OPV, PCV, Rota, IPV14 weeks
First dose: Measles9 months6–23 monthsContinued breastfeeding, introduction of complementary foods, counseling for complementary feeding (messages may vary based on age of child)
Second dose: Measles15 months
  • Abbreviations: BCG, bacille Calmette-Guerin; IFA, iron and folic acid; IYCF, infant and young child feeding; IPV, inactivated polio vaccine; OPV0, oral polio vaccine given at birth; penta, pentavalent vaccine; PCV, pneumococcal vaccine; Rota, rotavirus.