Participant’s Reported Desire to Remove Implant or IUD in 3 Districts of Senegala

Implant, %
IUD, %
Reported desire to remove
 Never wanted a removal42.146.0
 Wanted a removal but have not asked a provider14.213.4
 Asked provider for removal43.640.5
Reasons for wanting to stop using methodb,c
 Desired pregnancy25.836.8
 Bleeding disturbancesd20.610.3
 Bleed more during period or period longer11.37.4
Reasons for not asking providere,c
 Busy/no time44.033.8
 Changed mind/decided to keep14.116.2
 Method came out on own0.013.3
Reasons for wanting to stop using methodb,f
 Desired pregnancy29.927.6
 Bleeding disturbancesc23.412.8
 Bleed more during period or period longer15.416.7
 Partner disapproved12.77.7
 Weight loss12.33.2
 Weight gain11.61.3
Timing of removal decisionf
 Decided before coming to facility95.689.0
 Decided at facility visit4.411.0
Social influence reported for removal desiref
  • Abbreviation: IUD, intrauterine device.

  • a Data are from phone and in-person survey participants. Nonresponses varied across items; small amounts of data are missing.

  • b Multiple responses possible, spontaneous mention; responses with values of ≥10% reported.

  • c Among participants who wanted a removal but have not asked a provider.

  • d Bleeding disturbances include irregular bleeding, spotting, and having period more often.

  • e Responses do not total 100% as only responses with at least 10% of participants responding are listed.

  • f Among participants who have asked a provider for a removal.

  • g Includes other relative, friend, colleague, community health worker, and other unspecified.