Tariffs for Medical Oxygen by Financing Sources, Rwanda

Insurance SchemesTariff, RWF (US$)aTotal Amount Reimbursed, %
Rwanda Social Security Board-Community Based Health Insuranceb635 (0.67)85.1
Rwanda Social Security Board-Rwandaise d'Assurance Maldieb1125 (1.20)2.5
Other insurance1035 (1.11)4.8
Nonec1656 (1.77)7.5
  • Abbreviation: RWF, Rwandan franc.

  • a US$1=RWF935.

  • b Rwanda Social Security Board includes 2 types of insurance schemes. Rwandaise d'Assurance Maldie provides civil servants with additional benefits and simpler administration, and the mandatory Community Based Health Insurance Scheme covers the rest of the population.

  • c Refers to patients with no insurance or no recognized insurance.