Cold Chain Equipment Optimization Platform Activities in Guinea and Kenya

Date of CCEOP approvalOctober 2017March 2017
Amount approved, US$10.9 milliona8.2 milliona
Financing by country, %2050
Equipment models3 (2 solar powered and 1 passive vaccine storage device [no power source])8 (3 solar powered and 5 electric powered)
Deployment 1 priorityEquipping health facilities to expand immunization services by increasing the number of fixed vaccination localesReplacingb equipment in facilities with storage gaps in all counties and equipping new facilities in 17 HSS-priority counties
Deployment 2 priorityReplacing equipment in health centers with non-functioning CCEFor those not covered in Deployment 1, continue re-placing equipment in facilities with storage gaps and providing CCE in facilities without it
Time frame
 Deployment 1December 2018–June 2019aJuly–December 2018a
 Deployment 2November 2021–May 2022 (delayed)June–December 2021 (delayed)
  • Abbreviations: CCE, cold chain equipment; CCEOP, Cold Chain Equipment Optimization Platform; HSS, health systems strengthening.

  • a Unpublished data.

  • b In cases where equipment existed and was replaced to address storage gaps, replacement equipment had greater storage capacity than existing equipment.