Implant and IUD Removal Procedures and Post-Removal Contraceptive Use Among Participants Who Had Their Method Removed at the Time of the Survey in 3 Districts of Senegala

Had method removed during first clinical procedure, %99.7100.0
Reported complication at removal, %58.136.0
Complications reported,b,c %
 Temporary pain at time of removal63.685.7
 Pain/discomfort that lasted throughout the day33.622.5
 Pain/discomfort that lasted a few days21.88.2
Told by provider there were difficulties during removal, %17.74.4
Reported duration of removal procedure, mean (range), minutes14.5 (0–120)11.3 (0–75)
Reported time spent at facility for removal, mean (range), minutes81.0 (1–420)77.7 (0–360)
Reported cost of removal, mean (range), CFA [US$]1891 (0–20000) [3.21 (0–33.96)]1327 (0–17000) [2.25 (0–28.86)]
Reported cost of insertion, mean (range), CFA [US$]1491 (0–9000) [2.53 (0–15.28)]1118 (0–12000) [1.90 (0–20.37)]
Actual cost for removal compared to removal cost told at time of insertion, %
 More expensive1.10.0
 Same price3.32.3
 Less expensive1.40.0
 Was not told price at insertion93.396.2
Reported ease of overall removal experience, %
 Very easy36.958.8
 Somewhat easy38.028.7
 Somewhat difficult17.910.3
 Very difficult7.12.2
Did not obtain another contraceptive method after removal, %66.264.7
Reasons reported,b,d %
 Afraid of side effects19.118.2
 Partner disapproved10.48.0
 Any reason other than desired pregnancy, sexual inactivity, or infecundity21.917.7
  • Abbreviations: CFA, West African CFA franc; IUD, intrauterine device.

  • aData are from in-person survey participants except for cost of insertion which is from the phone survey. Nonresponses varied across items; small amounts of data are missing.

  • bMultiple responses possible, spontaneous mention; responses with values of ≥10% reported.

  • cAmong participants who reported complications at removal.

  • dAmong participants who did not obtain another contraceptive method after removal.