Table 5. Contraceptive Method Use Among Surveyed Womena at Baseline and Midterm, by Country
Type of MethodIndiaKenyaNigeriaSenegal
No method39.1037.1250.9946.4668.8961.2971.0466.12
Traditional method24.2425.324.237.817.838.922.942.36
Modern method36.6637.5644.7845.7323.2829.7926.0231.52
  • ā†µa The matched analysis sample comprised, in India, women in union and not sterilized at baseline; in Kenya and Nigeria, all women; and in Senegal, women in union at baseline.

  • ā†µb In India, when considering all women in union (including those were who were sterilized at baseline) who were surveyed at midterm (Nā€Š=ā€Š5,790), at baseline, 48.91% were using a modern method, 17.19% were using a traditional method, and 33.89% were not using a method.