Participant Experiences Using Implants and IUDs in 3 Districts of Senegala

Implant, %


IUD, %


Participants reporting CIMCs77.453.6
Type of CIMCs reportedc,d
 Bleed more during period27.155.2
 Bleed less during period12.09.1
 Period lasts longer35.644.8
 Bleeding disturbancese60.846.9
 Stopped having period33.111.2
Concern with CIMCsd
 Very concerned29.427.5
 Somewhat concerned32.530.4
 Not at all concerned38.242.1
Impact of CIMCs on daily lifed
 No impact63.065.3
Participants reporting weight gain37.820.1
Participants reporting side effects other than weight gain and CIMCs37.544.2
Type of side effect reporteda,f
 Weight loss25.36.6
 Abdominal pain29.342.9
 Vaginal infectionsN/A24.8
 Pelvic discomfort/painN/A14.7
Impact of side effects on daily lifef
 Greatly impacted19.618.2
 Impacted a little33.430.2
 No impact47.051.6
  • Abbreviations: CIMCs, contraceptive-induced menstrual changes; IUD, intrauterine device; N/A, not applicable.

  • a Data are from phone and in-person survey participants. Nonresponses varied across items; small amounts of data are missing.

  • b Due to the design of the questionnaires, this information is not available for participants who said in the phone survey that they asked a provider for a removal but who did not complete the in-person interview.

  • c Multiple responses possible, spontaneous mention; responses with values of ≥10% reported.

  • d Among participants who reported CIMCs.

  • e Bleeding disturbances include irregular bleeding, spotting, and having a period more often.

  • f Among participants reporting side effects other than weight gain and CIMCs.