Factors Associated With Maternal Care Service Composite Indicator, Ethiopia Baseline Survey, 2020

Odds RatioP>z95% CI
Educational status of mother
 No education1 1
 Elementary (1–8)1.520.0001.24, 1.86a
 Secondary and above2.740.0002.04, 3.68a
Wealth index
 Lowest1 1
 Low1.340.0361.02, 1.80a
 Middle1.50.0091.10, 2.0a
 High1.70.0031.2, 2.4a
 Highest1.950.0031.26, 3.02a
SBA source document completeness
 Not complete1 1
 1 or 2 months complete0.680.420.27, 1.73
 All months complete1.600.140.86, 2.96
Distance from HH to HF (per additional km)0.960.050.93, 0.99a
eHIS tools availability score1.430.0031.13, 1.82a
_constant0.440.0330.20, 0.94
  • Abbreviations: CI, confidence interval; eHIS, electronic health information system; HF, health facility; HH, household; km, kilometer; SBA, skilled birth attendance.

  • a Significantly associated.