Management Effectiveness Scores Among Study Facilitiesa Central Mozambique, (N=68)

Mean (SD)
Overall management effectiveness score0.59 (0.17)
Management practices domain score0.63 (0.18)
 Proportion of time managers spent on managerial duties0.63 (0.16)
 Facility keeps records of staff absences0.90 (0.31)
 Facility conducted performance reviews with employees in past 12 months0.63 (0.49)
 Facility linked work performance to employee salaries and incentives0.12 (0.33)
 Facility requested medication once per month in the past 12 months0.88 (0.33)
External supervision domain score0.54 (0.29)
 Facility received 6 external supervisory/technical visits in past 6 monthsb0.65 (0.42)
 External supervisor used a control or verification list during most recent visit0.66 (0.48)
 External supervisor observed consultations during most recent visit0.59 (0.50)
 External supervisor observed staff attendance logs during most recent visit0.53 (0.50)
 External supervisor observed stocks of medications during most recent visit0.72 (0.45)
 External supervisor observed financial registries during most recent visit0.31 (0.47)
 Facility staff received an evaluation summary from external supervisor during most recent visit0.30 (0.43)
Community engagement domain score0.59 (0.27)
 Facility community health committee met monthly during the past 12 monthsc0.42 (0.38)
 Facility collects patient opinions through a formal mechanism0.75 (0.39)
 Facility made management changes based on patient opinions in past 6 months0.62 (0.49)
  • a Overall management effectiveness domain scores are averages of individual component indicators on a scale of 0 (lowest) to 1 (highest). All individual component indicators are binary from 0 (No) to 1 (Yes) unless otherwise specified.

  • b Fewer than 3 visits (0); 3 or 4 visits (0.5); 5 or more visits (1).

  • c Fewer than 3 meetings (0); 3 to 5 meetings (0.25); 6 to 11 meetings (0.5); 12 or more meetings (1).