Family Planning Readiness Domain Scores Among Study Facilities (N=68), Central Mozambique

Mean (SD)
Overall family planning readiness scorea0.69 (0.20)
Provision and prescription readiness domain score0.64 (0.12)
Facility provides or prescribes any of the following modern methods of family planning:
 Combined estrogen progesterone oral contraceptive pills0.94 (0.24)
 Progestin-only contraceptive pills0.90 (0.31)
 Combined estrogen progesterone injectable contraceptives0.35 (0.48)
 Progestin-only injectable contraceptives0.72 (0.45)
 Male condoms0.87 (0.34)
 Female condoms0.57 (0.50)
 Intrauterine contraceptive device0.97 (0.17)
 Implants0.97 (0.17)
 Emergency contraceptive pills0.71 (0.46)
 Male sterilization0.00 (0.00)
 Female sterilization0.04 (0.21)
Guidelines and checklists readiness domain score0.74 (0.38)
Facility has the following documents available at time of survey:
 National family planning guidelines0.66 (0.48)
 Family planning checklists and/or job aids0.81 (0.40)
Trained staff readiness domain score0.72 (0.45)
Facility family planning staff members received any family planning training in the last 2 years0.72 (0.45)
Current stock readiness domain score0.71 (0.17)
Facility has the following reproductive health medicines and commodities available at the time of surveyb:
 Combined estrogen progesterone oral contraceptive pills0.82 (0.38)
 Progestin-only contraceptive pills0.77 (0.42)
 Combined estrogen progesterone injectable contraceptives0.27 (0.45)
 Progestin-only injectable contraceptives0.71 (0.46)
 Male condoms0.72 (0.45)
 Female condoms0.46 (0.50)
 Implants0.94 (0.24)
 Emergency contraceptive pills0.68 (0.47)
 Intrauterine contraceptive device0.93 (0.26)
Stock-out readiness domain score0.69 (0.30)
Facility had a stock-out in the past 3 months for each of the followingc:
 Female condoms0.50 (0.50)
 Implants0.90 (0.30)
 Emergency contraceptive pills0.67 (0.47)
  • a Overall family planning readiness and domain scores are averages of individual component indicators on a scale of 0 (lowest) to 1 (highest). All individual component indicators are binary from 0 (No) to 1 (Yes) unless otherwise specified.

  • b Never available or not available today (0); reported available but not seen (0.33); available but not valid (0.66); at least 1 available and valid (1).

  • c Facility stock-out register is not available, or the facility had a stock-out of any length of time during the previous 3 months, or the product is not provided or prescribed, or facility stock-out register is not filled in (0); facility has not had any stock-outs during the previous 3 months (1).