Evolution of Embedded Implementation Research

DateCritical Event
2009AHI funded 5 countries to do HSS using an integrated and multistakeholder approach.
2009Experts and stakeholders convened by Norwegian Development Agency met to address challenges in achieving Millennium Development Goals and knowledge gaps.
2010Held Inaugural Health Systems Research symposium and established Implementation Research Platform within WHO.AHI convened senior leadership meeting to share emerging lessons.
2012Launched WHO Strategy on Health Policy and Systems Research: Changing Mindsets.
2013Published first AHI supplement on HSS and EIR.
2013Implementation Research Platform released first call for implementer-led research.
2014Launched Implementation Research and Delivery Research initiative by AHPSR, World Bank, and U.S. Agency for International Development.Launched EIR initiatives in WHO Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office and PAHO.
2015Held joint EIR call between AHPSR, UNICEF, and Gavi.
2015AHPSR met with Doris Duke Charitable Foundation leadership to discuss AHI Phase 2.First AHI-supported PhD students in EIR graduated.
2016Launched Strengthening Capacity for Implementation Research initiative by AHPSR.
2017Published AHI second supplement documenting results of EIR including research capacity building success.Funded AHI 2.0 in Mozambique, Ghana, and Ethiopia including ongoing focus on EIR approach as target for strengthening health systems and ongoing research capacity building.
2018Launched EIR call in Pakistan on immunization by AHPSR, UNICEF, and Gavi.
2019Launched EIR call on the Sustainable Development Goals in collaboration with PAHO and WHO Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases.
2020EIR identified in special supplement of Health Policy and Planning on Innovations in Implementation Research as a key innovation signaling the coming-of-age of implementation research field.
2020Launched EIR Accelerator Project in Ethiopia, Uganda, Indonesia, and Nigeria, with AHPSR supporting Gavi programs through implementation research in each of these countries.
2021Launched Compassionate and Respectful Health Care Services Ethiopia on health workforce and health services by AHPSR, WHO Health Workforce Department, and WHO Country Office Ethiopia.AHI grantees held final meeting in Accra, Ghana.
2022AHPSR’s MAINSTREAM initiative embedded implementation research into Gavi’s learning strategy for its new strategic plan period (Gavi 5.0)
  • Abbreviations: AHI, African Health Initiative; AHPSR, Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research; EIR, embedded implementation research; HSS, health systems strengthening; PAHO, Pan American Health Organization; WHO, World Health Organization.