Factors That Affected Maximum Willingness to Pay Amount for Condoms Among KPs in 3 States in Nigeria

P Value95% CIOdds Ratio95% CI
Age younger than 28 years.071−0.016, 0.1981.0020.207, 2.020a
MSM.002a0.057, 0.269a2.2710.927, 4.339a
Married.738−0.088, 0.1020.686−1.861, 20.709
Level of education
Secondary and above.102−0.008, 0.172−0.032−1.143, 1.120
Employed.647−0.073, 0.1340.9040.160, 1.890a
Urban residence.325−0.148, 0.053−1.529−2.999, −0.599a
Monthly incomeb <N30,000 (<US$79).368−0.178, 0.063−0.969−2.577, 0.157
Had sexual activity in the last 3 months.005−0.256, −0.032a−0.650−2.820, 1.363
Used condom during last sexual activity.959−0.107, 0.09700
Purchased condom for last sex.169−0.029, 0.1791.0190.183, 2.344a
Believed protection from STIs can make me use condoms.3910.055, 0.1250.139−2.661, 20.182
Believed protection from unintended pregnancy can make me use condoms.470−0.146, 0.071−0.504−2.772, 1.417
  • Abbreviations: CI, confidence interval; FSW, female sex worker; KP, key population; MSM, men who have sex with men; STI, sexually transmitted infection.

  • a Statistically significant.

  • b Nigerian Naira (N)380=US$1.